NEW Age of Virtual collaborative Learning 

For the in the

Mobile Experience

With Profile Matching -Tinder Style


Learning Design Summit

Knowledge Festival for learning designers

EHS VIrtual Summit

One stop for EHS professionals

HR Society Nepal

Competition in Environment

Keynote on Stage

Original, Trending, Disrupting...

Watch the Cutting edge perspective from the leaders in the field, From practitioners perspective, Divided into different themes

Panel Discussions

Theme Based Round-tables

Leaders get together to discuss challenges in business and learn from each other’s perceptive.


Hands-on Virtual Workshop

Learn the most in-demand skills, Hands-on, with experts. Spend dedicated coaching time and get skilled at application.

5 Hr / 2 hr formats


Expert-Led discussion rooms

Get personal counsel with top experts in their field, get up close perspective in this leader moderated discussion

Group Networking

Connect with like-minded peers

Join different theme based breakout rooms. multitaskers Shuffle between rooms to catch the best of everything!

Speed Networking

Professional Networking - Speed dating style.

Meet your peers from your industry every 5 mins, share information only with people you want to.
Meet interesting people -connect more dots.

Exhibition Booth

Explore the Products and Services 

Explore the marketscape of top firms/ products that are providing solutions, trade fair style.

Visit multiple booths, know different services and products.

Partner Sessions

Find Deep Expertise 

Attend detailed product demonstrations, masterclass with consultants, and know more about their solutions.

Different Event types

Networking Events / Meetups

Give your audience a place to meet and connect with others through one to one video meetings and group networking rooms

Conferences/Summits/ Forums

Create a Super conference experience virtually

Expo & Exhibitions/Fairs & Trade Shows

Set up an expo center with vendor booths where attendees can interact with vendors

Company Events

Bring together your teams/ tribe and allow them to deeply connect with each other


Create a Webinars experience for any size of participants lead with engagement & interaction


Teach a lesson and breakout into groups. Come back together for another lesson, followed by one-on-one meetings