Annual Employee Event 

Bring your Company Family Together

 Just like every year !

Create the Magic of 



At the same place and time ..


  • Opening Speech by CEO
  • Updates by Leaders
  • Open House

Rewards & Recognition

Bring top performers up on stage and give them virtual certificates


Feature Session

Be in The Flow and 

Manage Stress Like a BOSS!

Movement Workshop By Ashuma Sachdeva
Training Workshops
Stand Up Comedy
Dance Workshops
Live Activity Room
Stories Sessions
Astro Consultation


Contests...Mood boards

(with optional Public Voting)

My Family Diwali Pic 

Public Voting

My Work From Home Set Up

Virtual Hi Fi

Meet old colleges , refresh contacts,

Connect More dots with More People !

Department  EXPO 

Exhibit your New Products and Ideas and real feedback from your employees 

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